King tides and rough waters, drawn up by the pull of the full moon, meant that my beautiful underwater world that I see each time I go to the beach, was not there at all today.

Normally, when I arrive at my favorite spot here, I walk down the small stretch of sand, past a few rocks to where the calf-deep water holds a magical world of tiny sea anemone, long tentacled starfish hiding under the array of clearly visible stones and little fish shooting away from me when I come too close. The water’s so clear and calm and there’s always such an incredible miniature life happening for me to watch. I just love it and its such a wonderful way to start the day.

Today instead the water was choppy and churning, waves were crashing around boisterously and I couldn’t even go out in it because it was so unpredictable in its mood… so today I was so disappointed. Actually, not only was I disappointed, I was disgruntled that what I had expected to see and was looking forward to seeing, wasn’t there. I felt “ripped off” in a way.


Taking a different view…

Luckily, (and quite obviously really) the sheer beauty of nature started to sink in and I was able to stop in that moment and adjust my expectations to allow what was in front of me, to ‘drop in’, and I discovered something…I discovered that there was a whole lot of other beauty and wonderment there…things that caught my attraction, that lifted me up, that excited me in a different way.

Instead, I noticed the rocky outcrops – the same ones that were always there, but that I would walk straight past, focused instead on the low lying rocks and stones in the shallow waters. Now these rocky outcrops took up centre stage. And suddenly I saw their magnificence. They were striking in their colours, in their strength, in the way they almost aggressively jutted out of the sand. The waves crashing on them created beautiful, ever-changing sprays of frothing energy, and when the waves receded I discovered little tunnels in the rocks and crevices filled with their own ‘tucked away’ life.

The whole energy of the setting was totally different – the clear, still water was now slapping and crashing against the rocks and the pull of the waves returning to the ocean caught me off guard a couple of times, and I lost my footing, and yet now I could see that it too was fabulous to be around…it was just a different kind of fabulous from what I expected. It occurred to me that I was close to missing all of that. My expectations and then my disappointment, had temporarily blinded me to this equally wonderful, but different, setting and experience.

It makes me wonder how often I’ve done that in other areas, and at other times in my life…

The more serene beach scene I’ve come to recognise, that greets me each morning….


Be open to the possibilities that lie in front of you.

Be willing to see that things may still be wonderful and magical, even if they don’t look as you expect them to.

Pulau Merah
Pulau Merah
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